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Hi Friends,

Covid 19 has changed our global way of living and is the new normal for us all. Our priorities are keep individuals healthy and safe and provide an environment that does its best to follow the latest best practice to minimise the potential of covid spread via our premises.

Are staff will not attend work if they have any sickness and flu or covid symptoms and will be tested. All our businesses have multiple QR sign in codes. We have installed phones with their own identity and Bluetooth covid contact tracking as an extra layer of protection.

Thorough cleaning has always been a priority for us and this has additional scheduling with extra wipe down of surfaces between customers being performed as often as possible. We all have our part to play in stopping the spread of Covid and we ask customers to pay attention to their personal spacing and stay away from our businesses if they are sick or unwell. To avoid overcrowding situations at Fergburger people can phone order our burgers as we have multiple phone lines available.

No Vaccine Certificate?

Alternative Location Pickup of Fergburger for people without a Vaccine Pass

We have been required as a hospitality venue to require vaccination passes on our sites and believe making our premises this way holds the greatest health protection for the greatest number. Only having one entrance and a small area of street frontage has meant it was not possible to have a safe contactless pickup system at our Shotover Street location.
We respect, however, that some people do not hold a vaccination pass and therefore we will attempt to provide a safe contactless pick up location for Fergburger orders.
We will implement a new trial system from Tuesday the 14th of December and are doing our best to operate in an ever changing legislative and health environment, where the staff shortages us and others face limits our operational options. We can’t guarantee it will always be possible to fulfil orders but we will do our best with the following system:
Contactless order pickups:
If you don’t have a vaccine certificate, send us an email to [email protected] with your name, contact phone number and requested pick up time and date.
You will need to email us in advance (preferably 6 hours in advance as we currently don’t have capacity for around the clock email tracking, especially during the busy dinner service).
We will contact you and confirm we can organise the order and take credit card details over the phone for advance payment to make pickup completely contactless.
You order will not be confirmed until you have heard from us and payment is taken.
Orders will be collected from the Mrs Ferg Beech Street store (69 Beach Street) at the arranged time in an outside contactless environment. It is essential you are ready at the agreed time as our team members will need to return to our main operations as quickly as possible. Please wait by outside leaner beside the window so we can see you have arrived and bring your order to you.
This trial system will begin from 8am Tuesday to the 14th December.
The system will operate from 8am until 10pm, 7 days.
This system may be suspended from the 24th of December until the 5th of January as our team will be stretched to operational capacity during this time.
We appreciate the system is not perfect and will do our best to improve it over time.
We appreciate your business and the support Queenstown has given us throughout the years.
We will be looking at options for Fergbaker and Mrs Ferg in the coming weeks. Our focus is balancing everyone’s safety and this will be our priority over the coming months.
Best wishes the Fergburger team.

Ferg loves you.

ORDER BY PHONE: 03 441 1232